Socialism 2013

Material for the upcoming event Socialism 2013 –

FB cover image.indd

The logo by itself in a graphic for facebook cover images


Front page of an A5 folded leaflet design


Centre pages. The circle pattern is a variation on the ‘ribbon’ aspect of the logo


Back page of the leaflet

20130830-142512.jpg& the initial draft process!


4 thoughts on “Socialism 2013

  1. No Andrew Kliman then Ben? I’m still waiting on your reply as to why I’m not getting back on the SP FB page. All I can say is I know a petty bureaucrat when I see one. Keep up with the graphics.

    • Hello Bruce,
      As you can tell this is not a complete agenda, nor has the agenda been completely finalised.
      We’ve corresponded at length on the question of the Socialist Party facebook group.
      You’ve made your opinion of me abundantly clear on your blog.

  2. Haha, bit ‘circle happy’ there! 😉 I like it! Some nice bits in the drafts too. Particularly the second row from top and the one on the left below them. 🙂

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